everyday encounters

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fleeting moments

Fleeting moments with people I love. At the end of the day, all that counts is family.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

a fool..a fool

Seems I am in a writing mood today..or so to say...expression of my pent-up..unexpressed feelings that are up to the brim. I need to unload these somewhere..don't I? First, one person in my mind..that person in office is a fool. How he rose to that position is something hard to comprehend. I look at him and I am disgusted by the way his mind (or a brain if he has one) functions. He is a fool. I have to make him understand, even though he's supposedly senior than me...Oh..my..he really is a fool. I am not someone with a brilliant extraordinary mind, but I do know that I grasp things as good as any of the sane mortals...but this person is a fool. I keep thinking..when he talks useless stuff, things which he doesn't need to explain, things like how people eat in Korea, UK or US.. I guess I am a frustrated fool. If I have someone like that above me, then I fear my drive to put in everything to my work will drain out. I need to hold on. I need to rise above this fool.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


How many times can I tell my friends that I am busy, “cannot” make it to the movie, the lunch, just meet up over a cup of coffee…? I am selfish, too engrossed in my own world to actually reach out to others. This is it! What if tomorrow never comes…? Scary thought… Definitely have to make a list of dear people I need to call and meet. Everything’s jumbled up…need to see the clean green mountains and feel the fresh air wrapped around me…everything’s getting blurred here and so am I…SO AM I!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the new moon

There was a new moon that evening when I was called to work, thanks to the so-called boom in the IT industry. Like always, the FM radio was on and the driver was concentrating on the tricky traffic. I was thinking whether I would ever be able to drive on these roads in the city, intrepid though I am on other issues but not this.
Endless streams of lights zooming past, and there I was, one amongst the crowd.
While waiting for the green signal, I saw this little girl with her parents in the back seat of her car who, with her face all lit up, gave me this wide, warm smile that I could not help but smile back at her and wondered what this girl would be like when she would no longer be as innocent and unwary of the world we are living in. Sometimes, I wish that my car would forever get stuck in the traffic jam so that I could get a glimpse of the people around me, which makes me wish further that I was invisible at times like these or at times when am out shopping or walking aimlessly in the market or am in some café drinking hot coffee. Wishes, wishes and more wishes…
To my dismay, with a jolt the car started moving again. By and by, we were on the highway and the cars were roaring with insane speed. On my way to office, there is this huge temple which is always lit up brilliantly and particularly that day it was looking beautiful mostly because of the moon which gave, on the whole, an ethereal atmosphere. No sooner had my eyes finished feasting on such a wonderful spectacle, that I came across crowded roads, partly because of the much awaited metro train plans, and loud people. My eyes searched for hope but all I saw was congested by-lanes with shops trying to fit in. I saw people rushing everywhere, movement everywhere. Then I looked up and saw the moon, still as beautiful as ever, serene as ever and time was at a standstill.
It was only when I saw this tall McDonald’s post next to my office that I realized I was where I belonged, reality.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ni hao!!

While in school, my English language teacher used to say, "English is a funny language.." Now I say, What about Chinese???
I am learning Mandarin(Chinese) these days and boy...it is so twisted!!! Initially, it felt like a singing class with all the tones and phonetics that we have to keep in mind. For the same word, the same set of letters, different tones imply different meanings. The script too is interesting.. pictorial. Modern Chinese has less of pictorial stuff which means each word has its own set of letters..which means unless you know a word, you cannot read it. There are certain alphabets missing..like for example "George" is pronounced as "Chiao ch" :)
Today, we had the first mock conversation and now I know how tough it is to process the foreign language, filter it into my brain and spill out what needs to be said..!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

on the run...

Indian Railway stations have always been swarming with beggars 24x7 as long as I can remember. When my innocent eyes first saw kids my age begging with their sorry faces, I handed a coin to the one standing nearest. Then suddenly,in a rush, they were all over me with their dirty hands spread out ...saying that they'd not taken any food, saying that their younger siblings are hungry..that moment, I do not remember now, whether I was terrified or scandalized.
As I grew older, left for college, I heard talks about beggars producing more children...which implies, more hands to beg...which implies more money. This is no news to us mortals now. But then, it meant a lot to me. Pity changed to bitterness at the sight of beggars. I felt like I would be encouraging them to beg more if I hand them the money. So, this entire phase right till a few days back, I cringed at the sight of hands spreading out infront of me.
But then,few days while taking a stroll, unconsciously I took out some coins and handed over to the handicapped beggar. A few steps ahead, I repeated my act. . After handing out the coin to the second beggar, I realised that something inside of me had changed. With the one rupee coin in my hand, I have nothing...with that same coin in their hand, they have something...!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

me, me and me

Am finally back in the city. Got a splitting headache, sweat’s streaming down my face, the unreliable electricity hitting my right nerve…the only positive thing I am doing right now is listening to this not so new guy, James Blunt crooning his way to glory. Till sometime back, to top it all, there was some huge puja celebration so one can imagine what the noise( music to a few) would be like! Thankfully, it got over…
Had a hectic day, everything seemed so important…had no preferences.
An old school friend called up and we ended up talking about the old times. Its like this always, we always seem to unconsciously end up talking about those days. With college friends, its about college stuff. Maybe we do not want to let go… these small talks are what gets us going since as we move on times change, we change, and the only thing that binds us together is the time that we spent together…
And there’s this World Cup semi-finals that I am looking forward to…was backing Brazil all the way, but things didn’t turn out as I’d expected…was expecting Argentina to move ahead but Germany slammed that idea out of my mind. And yes, I like Germany too…simply because the reliable Ballack’s its captain !
I have a whole lot of things to do this month, a lot of arrangements heading my way…but I know making a schedule will not be of any help, maybe I’ll just put up reminders. Got so many things to remember…had a whole lot of accounts made in office today and each login has its own set of passwords. I would not be surprised if I forget or mismatch the passwords…or better still, forget my login id.
(Sarah Mclaghlan’s Angel comforting me right now),,,A telephone conversation with one of my good friends today made me realize how indifferent I am to certain circumstances being thrown at me. Sometimes, there’s this huge well of emotions burning up inside me and sometimes, there’s none..actually that’s most of the time. I wonder how other people would react in my situation. I am supposed to be hurt but I am not. Did I not care her enough to get hurt? I ask myself this question, and it amazes me that nothings changed inside of me for her. But I should be hurt...why am I not??? Anyways, why dwell on it when things are going my way…smoothly!